Monday, August 16, 2010

Introduction of village

Village is undeveloped area or it is away from the city. It is also say remote area. In village we can’t get easily many facilities like as a city. It is undeveloped area but it is nature of beauty .in the village we can see many natural things like mountain, hills, ever green forest, lakes etc.

In the village area many people are farmer they product many food items like Mize, corn, wheat etc. And other vegetables like potato, cabbages, ladyfingers, cucumber, tomato, pumpkin, chills etc.They also keep many wild animals’ goat, buffalos, cow, hens, ducks, etc. to eat meat, meal and to produce fertilizer. Some people do small business, shopkeeper, furniture shop and other small size of business.

So the village is called remote or undeveloped area where people life style is different from urban areas people they were simple cloths, they cook a food by fire, almost foods item were produce by themselves

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