Monday, August 16, 2010

Nature of peoples

Village it self is calm and patient so peoples nature also very patient. They always want to live with mutual relation. They behave equally for all people. They all want to do their work together and all work is successfully done by them.

People are very helpful, co-operative and responsible for their work. They can manage every thing to fulfill their family’s desire as well as societies. People though they are element of good society if they work in good way their society would be good if they work bad in the society people though they are running their society that is why people of the rustic area are very positive, Respective and familiar with each other.

But in other hand village people are very traditional society, they blindly believe in power of God. They worship many God, like god Buddha, God, Siva (Hindus god). They also believe in unnatural thing, like the powers of God, power of witch etc., are the unbelievable things of the villagers.

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